Working with you to achieve your goals.

Want some guidance to manage your social media in a way that’s authentic to YOU?

Everyone around you is using Instagram/LinkedIn to grow their business, but you just can’t make it work for you.

Your brain is muddled up with people telling you to be visible on every single platform, posting multiple times a day and creating content that has you dancing around to the latest trending song. But that’s not you.

I get it.

It’s overwhelming.

My job is to keep up with the latest trends and algorithm changes so you don’t have to.

I take this, combined with over 13 years of Marketing and Social Media experience to build my Instagram and LinkedIn training sessions.

They’re tailored to your business and current level of knowledge. No one size fits all approach over here.

After our sessions, you’ll feel super empowered, confident and raring to go (according to previous clients)!

Finding your Instagram Confidence


£550/ 4 x £137.50


Over 4 weeks to get you’ll get 1:1 support,  feel in control and create an Instagram strategy that aligns with YOU. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Are you ready to find your Instagram confidence?



£175 per platform 


Sometimes a second pair of eyes is all you need to get to the bottom of why that could be.

Let me have a look through your Instagram/LinkedIn profile, activity and engagement to see if it aligns with what you’re trying to achieve. (I’ll get this info from my pre-audit questionnaire).

You’ll get a comprehensive report packed with advice and suggestions based on the current industry trends and knowledge.

Screwed up paper with drawing of wire for lightbulb ideas

Power Hour

£100 per session


Need help with a particular challenge?

Get an hour of laser focussed advice over Zoom to detangle your issue, which could be anything from learning to use a particular feature to getting advice on your content strategy.

You’ll get access to the recording after the session so you can work through my advice at your own leisure.

Screwed up paper with drawing of wire for lightbulb ideas

50 social media prompt cards

£25 / free postage


Want to make your social media tasks more manageable?

I’ve designed these beautiful prompt cards to help you stop procrastinating and just get something done!

When you don’t know where to start, it’s easy to give up and do nothing. So i’ve simplified that for you with 50 simple prompts and tips to help you grow your business and attract your ideal clients with social media.

Just pick a prompt card and do what it says to get you on the road to social media success.

It’s that simple…(and who doesn’t love a bit of stationary!)

Screwed up paper with drawing of wire for lightbulb ideas

What My Clients Say...

I always look forward to, and enjoy spending time with you, learning how to do stuff on Instagram! You go at a pace that suits me, taking time to ensure that I understand what you're teaching me. I always leave your sessions bursting with new ideas, strategies and confidence to implement what we discuss. And we have a lot of laughs along the way!


Olivia Pitt, Olivia Pitt Coaching


Anita is fabulous with assessing your social media profile.  When consulting with you she is so intuitive and knows where your growing edge is. She has the skill and expertise to get you noticed and moving forward.  I would highly recommend connecting with her whether you are starting up or looking at new avenues for a launch. Anita is the social media guru.


Janet, Kinesthetic Chain


As someone who doesn't use social media as a consumer, Anita had her work cut out in helping me to understand the value of using it for my business.

In that short time, she provided not only technical know-how but also a large dose of inspiration and tremendous insight ("That would make a story... and THAT would make a story." are the words still ringing in my ears).

I am now using it as a tool to help an audience greater than I could ever reach by other means, and for that, I have tremendous gratitude for Anita. Thank-you.


Stuart Carter, Mindfulness Teacher


We started clueless and needed help, knowledge and all these platforms 'know-how'. You provided that in abundance. You’re quick to give advice and direction, you were able to provide suggestions on content and were always thinking about what we could use next. I never had any issues at all and you are an absolute joy to work with. 

Would I recommend Anita Popat as a social media partner for a company? Heck Yes!


Louise Jones, Business Coach