I’m guessing you’re here for one of two reasons:

You’re a biz owner, who embraces your introverted superpowers and knows your people hang out on Instagram/LinkedIn, but your audience isn’t turning into clients.

• You’re winging it.

• You don’t have any type of plan.

• You post content on the fly.

• You want to use your Instagram/LinkedIn profile more strategically, intentionally, and with purpose, so it doesn’t feel like a time and energy suck.


• You feel like you have to portray an extroverted version of yourself to turn followers into clients.

• You can’t see how your quietly confident self can cut through this noise (it can).

• The thought of dancing around on Reels or leaving tiny bits of “small talk” under your ideal client’s posts makes you cringe.

Whichever one you are, welcome.

As soon as I embraced my introverted traits, I started attracting followers and clients who were really aligned with me as a person and my message. I’m here to help you do the same.

Why do I like working with introverted biz owners?

Because I’ve been one all my life.

I want to help you build a social media strategy that feels so comfortable you’re overflowing with enthusiasm and energy to show up as your true self.

I feel much more confident in doing that now, and I want to help you do the same.

After all, if no one knows about you, they can’t buy from you, right?

Anita x

P.S. I was also brought up on jam and cheese sandwiches thinking they’re perfectly normal. Turns out they’re not, but we can discuss that another time…