Silent Storm

Build a social media strategy that feels comfy & gets clients, without changing who you are.


(you, me & communi-tea in an introvert-friendly space)

Dear introverted coach/consultant,

Do you want to turn followers into leads without social media taking over your life?

(I get it. We’re introverts, our energy is precious after all)

is this you?

  • You’re winging it and implementing bits of advice from here, there, and everywhere.
  • You don’t have any type of plan to reach your goals (or even know what they are).
  • You post content on the fly that feels a bit meh (mostly as a tick box exercise).
  • You feel like you have to portray an extroverted version of yourself online (you don’t).
  • You can’t see how your quietly confident self can cut through this noise (it can).
  • The thought of dancing around on Reels makes you cringe.

You want to use your Instagram/LinkedIn profile more strategically, and intentionally, but you don’t know how to do it in a way that reflects the true you.

You know you can get clients from social media if you just put a bit of time and effort into using it more strategically.

If you’ve just said “yes!” to most of these, then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help you get over all of this inside Silent Storm.

By the end of Silent Storm, you’ll have a you-shaped social media strategy, where content creation feels comfy, oozes personality, and positions you as the expert, so you’re an easy, “yes, I’m in!” for dream clients.

1: You're winging it

You’ve only ever used social media personally, but it’s a different ball game when you’re trying to get leads from it.

You’re just grasping at straws, doing a little bit of what everyone says you should do, but there’s no strategy behind it.

It’s overwhelming trying to figure out which direction to go in on your own.

You want some clarity on how to create an aligned presence that gets leads on repeat in a sustainable way.

after Silent Storm:

You’ll get clarity on your brand feeling, messaging, and sweet spot client, to help you stand out from others doing the same thing as you.

We’ll use these to underpin pretty much all of your social media activity and content to attract those dream clients on repeat.

2. Content doesn’t convert to clients

You show up sporadically with content that doesn’t sound like you and doesn’t generate any enquiries for the time you’re putting in.

When you do post, there’s no strategy or purpose behind it. It’s usually something that’s popped into your head.

after Silent Storm:

You’ll position yourself as the expert and create consistent content with my P Squared Framework. It’s designed to take your followers through the buyer’s journey with content to attract, nurture and convert to clients.

Lead gen is slow (or non-existent)

You’re not proactively growing your audience, which means you feel like a broken record in front of those who already follow you and aren’t quite ready to buy.

Or, your content isn’t encouraging existing followers to take action, so they’re staying stuck in the nurture phase.

after Silent Storm:

We’ll craft a daily Connection Ritual to build an audience of perfect people (who are likely to buy from you), and invite those already in your world to come and work with you in a non icky way.

for accountability & community

We’ll meet up weekly to go through whatever you need.

I’ll encourage you to take imperfect action and tell you what to do.

You’ll trust the process, listen to your gut, and see amazing results from all the action taking.

You’ll get confident showing up as your true self with the foundations of a great strategy and actually enjoy using social media as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

I’m all about the fun & chilled but honest vibes…(everything is said “with love”, because your business is my business when you’re inside.

what are the tangibles?

Wondering what’s actually inside and how long it typically takes to see tangible results?

Here’s an overview to give you an idea:

Module 1 – You’ll be clear on what drives you, your purpose, and how you want to be perceived through my Guiding Trio Framework.

Module 2 – We work on clarifying your message and how to relay it back with the mirror talk technique.

Module 3 – You’ll create an optimised Instagram and/or LinkedIn bio so it’s found by your ideal clients and the algorithm.

    The above usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on the market research, and tweaking of your messaging and profile.

    Module 4 – is all about the customer journey, content goals, where to find content ideas, and planning your content with my P Squared Framework.

    Module 5 – helps you craft better captions with scroll-stopping hooks and encouraging followers to take action.

    Module 6 – is basically a mini Instagram basics course and walks through all the different post types, how to create them, and best practices.

    Module 7 – same as above for LinkedIn.

    Module 8 – shows you how to save time with content batching & scheduling.

    The above will take another 3-4 weeks to generate ideas, test, and see what happens.

    Module 9 onwards is all about building an audience of perfect people and includes things like giving people a red carpet welcome, creating your connection ritual, and various ways to grow your audience so it’s full of the right people.

    This is an ongoing process and building the habit will take you through to the end of the course.

    After Silent Storm, you’ll end up with:

    • Clarity on who you are, what you want to be known for, and who you want to work with.
    • A clear plan of action to get clients without sacrificing your soul to the algorithms.
    • Simple and intentional content planning, that takes followers on a journey to become clients.
    • Trello content planner, worksheets and templates to make content creation a breeze.
    • A connection ritual that builds an audience of perfect clients without the ick.
    • Pep talks and a community of new biz besties on the same journey to cheer you on.

    Most importantly, you’ll feel confident showing up as the REAL you, armed with a social media strategy that will get you clients without changing who you are.

    What makes it introvert-friendly?

    Well, it’s all in the design.

    As a fellow introvert, I know how overwhelming live group calls can be. They chuck all the info at you with hardly any time to think.

    It means you don’t speak up because you haven’t had time to process the info, so you stay quiet – not the best use of your investment.

    i’ve got you

    Silent Storm gives you time and space to build your social media strategy in a way that suits you.

    • Bite-sized training you can watch cozied up in your jim jams whenever you feel like it.
    • Time to digest and implement the work in your own time.
    • Mini milestones to celebrate so you’re making progress throughout your journey.
      Common questions about Silent Storm:
      What will i get at the end of the programme?

      You’ll have a complete social media marketing plan to give you the confidence and clarity to generate consistent leads because you’ll have:

      Identified what makes you different and created a profile and content to reflect this.

      Know exactly who your sweet spot client is and how to get in front of them.

      Created a content system that doesn’t take up too much time but keeps you visible so you can grow your audience and generate more sales.

      You’ll have clarity and confidence in the action you’re taking and use social media more intentially because you know what actions to take to get leads from it.

      Is it one sized fits all or personalised to me?

      Even though you go through the same roadmap as everyone else, your strategy will be 100% personalised to you and your business. 

      You get access to me throughout the programme to discuss the best way to implement everything you’re learning based on the results you want.

      How much time do I need to commit?

      1-2 2 hours per week is a good amount of time – an hour for the coaching calls and an hour or so to watch and implement the bitesized training videos as you learn.

      Some modules will naturally take less time and others (like the content one) a bit more.

      will i stick to it?!

      yes! everything is done with your strengths and energy in mind so you’re not overwhelmed.

      Everything is in bitesized chunks and you’ll have milestones to celebrate your progress along the way.

      The accountability and support from myself and the community is here to cheer you on so you WILL succeed.

      what technical ability do i need?

      If you’ve already built an audience on social media and are posting content (relatively) frequently then you’ll be fine.

      Silent Storm is designed to get you thinking about how to apply your introvert traits to make it less of an energy and time suck and more fun with intentional content and tweaks.

      how long does it take to see results?

      It depends on you and the action you take, but your success is my priority.

      If you follow the programme and implement everything in the order I’ve designed it, there’s no reason you won’t attract clients by the end of our time together.

      how much does it cost?

      Your investment is £1998 for lifetime access to the training and 3 months of accountability & implementation support to build a social media strategy that’s truly tailored to you, your business and your energy.


      Access to The Canva Lounge (to help you create social media templates) and The Content Collab Membership whilst in the programme.

      I promise you’ll go from winging it and feeling overwhelmed, to showing up as your fabulous self (without the ickiness) whilst attracting your dream clients along the way.

      We’re all about good vibes only in my world – I’d love to see you inside.

      Anita x