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is this you?


  • You’re posting content here and there with no real game plan.
  • Some weeks, you’re on fire, but others? The ideas just don’t flow.
  • You pencil in content creation every month, but other work elbows its way to the front.
  • You’ve got plenty to say, but it feels bland compared to what everyone else is doing.
  • You know showing up regularly is key to getting clients but whipping up content feels like a chore.
  • There’s that nagging feeling you should be sharing more of your authentic self, but it feels cringe at times, right?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Introducing the…

Weekly content ideas, monthly collab sessions and quarterly check-ins to make your content creation as effortless and quick as possible.


Perfect for introverted business owners like you, who want to harness the power of Instagram and LinkedIn to generate leads and grow your online presence.

You get:

1. Strategic content ideas in your inbox

Exclusive access to my super simple “P Squared Framework” and 4 x post ideas to fit each “P” in your inbox every week.

It’s crafted to lead your customers through the know, like, and trust journey, so you’ll be creating strategic content in no time!

2. Chilled co-working sessions

Monthly content collab sessions to co-work with like-minded biz owners, brainstorm, network, and exchange ideas in a super chilled space.

3. Stay ahead with the latest updates

The latest Instagram or LinkedIn updates and ideas to implement them in an introvert-friendly way.

4. sneak peek into what worked inside my biz

I’ll share what’s worked well for me at the end of every month, so you can try it for yourself.

5. Quarterly check-ins

For advice, pep talks and ideas tailored to you and your unique business needs.

What will happen when you’re inside?

Well… you’ll save a whole load of time and overwhelm with strategic content ideas in your inbox (no excuses now missus!)


  • You’ll stick to a consistent content plan effortlessly. No more erratic posting
  • You’ll say goodbye to those content creation battles
  • You’ll find your unique voice
  • You’ll enjoy the process (trust me, you will!).
  • I’ll show you on how to be authentically you without the cringe.

anddd if you get the earlybird bonus you’ll be equipped with all the Canva know how you need to create a cohesive brand presence with tutorials on how to create your own brand kit and templates.