There are so many Instagram myths floating around out there.

I’m going to debunk some of the common ones, so you can start to use Instagram as a marketing tool and grow your business.

More often than not, these myths are a hindrance. You don’t know what’s right or wrong, so you don’t do anything.

We don’t want that.

I’m about to give you permission to ignore 9 common myths, outsmart the hearsay and flip them to your advantage.

Here we go:


Myth 1: You have to be on every platform

Now, this isn’t related to Instagram, but I need to start with it. 

I meet so many women in business who say; “ I’m on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram bla bla bla.”

When asked why, it’s because you think you have to be everywhere to be visible right?

Wrong – choose the platforms your ideal clients are on. 

There’s no point being everywhere, you’re spreading yourself too thin. It gets overwhelming, you post less frequently and get frustrated because you can’t keep up with the momentum as your business grows.  

My advice is stick to one or two. Ask your ideal clients where they hang out and go there.


Myth 2: you have to post every day to be successful

I know what you’re thinking…the more you post the more chance of  reaching ideal clients right?

Most of your audience won’t see your content straight away (or at all) depending on what the algorithm decides to show them on that day.

It’s much better to post at a frequency you can maintain with good quality content rather than churning out content for the sake of it. 

Do whatever is manageable for you. Good quality and consistent content is what we’re after.  

Myth 3:  You have to respond to comments within the first hour

Although this is a really popular myth, Instagram haven’t confirmed it, so you can ignore. 

It’s still important to respond to comments and messages in a timely manner though. 

You don’t have to respond within the hour, but from a customer service point of view don’t want to leave it more than 24hrs.

Myth 4: There’s an optimum number of hashtags

Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags per post. 

You have an opportunity to be found 30 times, but that doesn’t mean you have to use all 30.

Your hashtags should be related to your content. 

Don’t stuff your post with unrelated hashtags.

Unfortunately, there is no magic number. It all comes down to testing. 

It all depends on your account, so test different numbers and see what works for you.

Myth 5: It’s the algorithm

If you’re not sure how the algorithm works, here’s a quick breakdown:

Instagram want to make sure we’re having a good experience whilst on the app. This means it will show us content it thinks we’ll like based on what we’ve interacted with before. 

Which is why it’s good to know your ideal clients well, because the more they interact with your posts, the more you’ll keep showing up in their feed.

You’ll also send signals to the Instagram algorithm that this person likes this content, so it will keep showing them. 

So, it’s not the algorithm – it’s your content. (Sorry!)

Myth 6: Scheduling harms your reach

Instagram definitely does not penalise you for using a scheduler!

It actually helps you maintain a consistent presence because you can plan content ahead of time. 

More consistency = more visibility  = more sales.


Myth 7: Reels are the only way to grow your Instagram account in 2022

Granted, Instagram said they’re focusing on short form video (Reels) and community this year, but that doesn’t mean other formats don’t work. 

You can still grow your Instagram account with photos, carousels, live videos etc. Test to see what works for you. 

Make sure you always go back to your ideal client and produce content they’ll find valuable. 

If you can turn it into reels, then great. Do that.

Myth 8: You can’t make sales from Instagram

Definitely not true! 

If you’ve done your market research, know exactly what your customer wants and are answering all of this in your content then you can definitely make sales from Instagram.

You have to remember to take them on a journey. 

Use your content to attract, then nurture in your DM’s or stories so they can get to know you and then take them offline to discuss your offer and close the sale.

Myth 9: Shadowbans are real

I’ve left this myth until the end because there’s no definitive answer! 

A shadowban isn’t an official Instagram term, but it’s the word people use when they’ve been blocked/banned from it unexpectedly.

This is because Instagram thinks they’ve posted content against their community guidelines.

Instagram did admit that because it’s powered by AI and computers, they’re going to revisit the programming so it’s more accurate in the future.

So there you have it. I hope you’re now confident you can outsmart these 9 Instagram marketing myths!



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