If you haven’t already started to think about Christmas, I hope you find this useful.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to have a physical product to make the most of the suggestions coming up. A festive offer for a service based business would work equally well.

This year, Christmas is going to be a bit different and have even more people shopping online. There’s also a big drive towards supporting local, so it makes sense to optimise your social media profiles and focus your activity to get the most out of this season.

Here are 5 ways to get your social media profiles ready for Christmas:

1. Optimise your shop window

Your social media pages and profiles are effectively your shop window. Just like window dressers change their displays to match the season, you can do the same with your virtual shopfront.

On Facebook and Twitter:

  • Can you showcase a festive collection or offer in your cover picture?
  • Create a pinned post that sits on the top of your profile, so it’s the first thing people see as soon as they land on your page.
  • Check the web links go directly to your collection/promotion. I’m a big fan of making it as easy to buy or get more information.
  • It’s a bit more difficult on Instagram, but you can use your highlights as a mini website.

2. Set your shop up

If you sell physical products make sure have your Instagram/Facebook shop set up. The latest updates allow you to add a bit of branding and collections too so make sure you do that.

Setting up an Instagram shop will let you:

  • Have a shopping tab on your profile.
  • Enable you to tag your product in a post, story and IGTV.
  • Makes it as easy for your audience to make a purchase.

3. Collaborate

Collaborate with people who have a similar audience to yours. It’s a really good way to get in front of a wider audience, especially now that so many physical events are cancelled.

There are also lots of virtual fairs popping up so see if you can take part in some of these.You can even make it a national thing if you want to as you’re not restricted to locations online!

So there are my tips for getting your social media ready for the festive season.

As always, feel free to share and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like help with anything.

Anita x

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