I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the Christmas break this year!

I’ve been working hard to make sure all of my clients’ social media platforms (and my own) are ready to go over the festive period so that we can all take a bit of a breather – we sure do need it this year!

This is why I’m talking about taking a break from social media today, because I know it can get a bit overwhelming when you are the business owner and you feel the need to be “switched on” all of the time. There’s also a fear that if you’re not consistently showing up you’re going to be missing out. 

These are the things I’ve been doing in my own business to make sure I can have a breather, and I hope they help you too.

Here are 5 simple ways to set boundaries with your social media:


1. Set your expectations

Let people know your availability beforehand and also what you’re going to be doing over that period. e.g. will you be checking messages?

When you set expectations before taking your break, it makes it clear for clients and your social media followers, so they’re less likely to disturb you or expect the same level of service.

    2. Plan & batch create

    This will help you relax and enjoy your break whilst making sure the algorithms are still happy!

    I’m a big fan of batch creating and scheduling content because it saves you so much time and lets you focus on other areas of your business.

    When you’re in the zone is quite easy to think of post ideas, which helps on those days you can’t think of something to say.

      3. Set your out of office and autoresponders

      Just like you would on your emails, you can set an out of office/auto response on your social media accounts as well.

      It just to lets people know you’re not going to be on social media as often as you normally are, so again it sets expectations and gives people an idea of when you’re likely to reply.

      I personally think that’s a nice touch because it shows people you’re acknowledging them at the very least.

      4. Turn off notifications/delete apps

      If you want to take time off then make sure your notifications on turned off so your phone’s not pinging all of the time.

      If you want to go a step further, delete the apps off your phone.


      5. Set times

      The last thing if you really need to check your social media is to go on at certain times of the day.

      This could be whilst having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just give yourself a time limit and leave it at that.


      So there are my tips for getting your social media ready for the festive season.

      I know it’s easy to sit on your phone and just scroll when you’re bored (I do this too!), but I think there’s a really good argument for taking a bit of time out.

      If you’re not ready to take a break from social media, that’s absolutely fine. If you do want to take a bit of a break, then I hope these, tips help you, because it’s exactly what I’m going to be doing!

      As always, feel free to share this if you found id useful and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like help with anything.

      Anita x

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