Should you boost a post or use Facebook Ads Manager? A question asked frequently by people starting out with Facebook Advertising.

Although I would always recommend using Facebook Ads Manager to build a “proper” ads campaign, there are some exceptions when a boosted post could work depending on the objective of the post.

Here’s the lowdown on both:

Boosted Posts

Most of you will be familiar with the big blue boost button that Facebook is always tempting you to use to reach more followers. It’s even made it quick and easy so you hardly need to think about it.

No brainer right?! Here’s how to use it so you’re not throwing your money down the drain:

  • When you want to maximise the visibility and get more engagement for a particular post.
  • Good for brand awareness and collecting valuable social proof.
  • Limited targetting options – you can’t create custom audiences.
  • Only get 2 objectives – website visits and engagement.

Facebook Ads Manager

The most comprehensive way of creating Facebook Ads is via the Ads Manager which will enable you to:

  • Pick more objectives.
  • Create more targeted audiences through layering.
  • Retarget and create lookalike audiences.
  • Have more placement options.
  • More control over creatives for different placements.
  • Better options for bidding.
  • Lower cost per click if ads are monitored correctly.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s a one off post that you want lots of eyes on quickly (such as an event you want to promote or you want to boost an organic post that’s done really well) then “Boosting” is OK. 

I would always always recommend building any other Facebook Advertising Campaigns within the Ads Manager itself. Purely because you get many more objectives to choose from, you can create lookalike audiences and retarget and manage the cost per clicks more effectively.


As always, I’m happy to have a chat to see how you can make Facebook Advertising work for you.

Anita x

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