• What am I supposed to say on social media right now?
  • Will people think I’m being insensitive if I carry on posting?
  • How do I post content that’s not going to come across as “icky”?

Sound familiar? Let me tell you, all eyes are on social media at the moment. People are using it as a form of escapism and to connect with others, so take advantage of that.

Yes, your content needs to be tweaked slightly as you can’t ignore the situation, but it’s a good idea not to stop posting altogether.

Here are 5 post ideas you can use during lockdown:


1. Acknowledge and respect the feelings of your audience.

It’s good to keep in mind that not everyone will be feeling the same as you during lockdown. Some may be embracing all of the extra time and use it to learn a new skill whilst others will stall until they’ve figured out what the situation means to them. Either way both of these feelings will need to be taken into account when crafting your social media posts.


 2. Educate

Now is the time to position yourself as the expert in your field and provide useful/helpful advice that can be implemented straight away.

Why? Because you’ll be the first people they think of when they’re in a position to pay.


 3. Connect with Video/Lives

How many lives have you seen lately?! It’s amazing to see so many people jump on their stories or feeds and just talking to their audience. We’re all craving that human interaction right now, and this is the perfect type of content to create a deeper connection/facilitate some interaction with your audience.


4. Answer FAQS.

Are there questions that keep popping up? Make a post about them! You can take it one step further by answering them in different formats (e.g. post, video, boomerang, story, blog etc.) too so you have even more content to post!


5. Resonate & Reassure.

What’s the life of your audience going to look like right now? Are they working from home with the other half and kids? Homeschooling? Cooking 3 times a day etc. Show them that you understand what their life’s like right now or even show how you’re coping with the situation. The more people resonate with you, the stronger the connection you will make.


I think there’s enough inspiration there for now! I hope you found these tips useful.

One thing to keep in mind is that the whole world is literally in this together and there’s no right way of doing things – so just do what feels right.

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