When you think back to the time you were trying to get with your all time crush, you’ll notice some similarities with your “wooing” process and attracting ideal clients on social media.


1) First Impressions 

You walk into a club where the 90s RnB music is blaring and the flashing lights spotlight a fine looking lady/gentleman as they walk past you.

What is it about them that catches your eye? The way they look (obviously!)? The way they walk? The way they talk?

Whatever it is…the first impression will make you want to find out more.

Your social media profile is the same. It’s the first thing that will attract a potential client to your business, so you want to make sure it’s a real true reflection of who you are as a business, as a person, and how you help people.

A sprinkling of personality is also important, because this will draw them to you and not others doing the same thing.


2) The First Date

Once you’ve caught their eye, you go out for a drink. The purpose of this is to get to know each other right?

So you have a conversation. 

You talk about things you like and dislike, what you like to listen to, what you watch, etc, and look for some common ground. 

You should be doing the same on social media. Have conversations with your audience and find out what their likes, dislikes, pains and aspirations are, so you can really get to know them and start building a relationship.

3) Don’t be full of yourself

No one wants to sit on a date with someone who can’t stop talking about themselves. It’s so boring and you’re ultimately at risk of them going to the loo and not coming back again!

Your social media content should always be geared towards what your audience wants. Show them you’re the go to person by listening to them and answering their questions in the content you’re sharing, don’t broadcast how amazing you are all of the time – people will switch off.

4) Good etiquette and manners

Make sure you’re a good date. Just like it’s nice to have your chair pulled out for you or the door held for you, there are good manners to be upheld on social media too.

It’s good etiquette to reply to all comments or direct messages in a timely manner. No one wants to be ghosted. They’ll think you don’t care. And that’s not a good start to any relationship.

The same thing applies if anyone mentions you or shares any of your content. Take the time to thank them publicly or in a direct message. Make sure you acknowledge that you’ve seen it and ]appreciate what they’ve done. It will give them a warm fuzzy feeling inside and get you in their good books.

5) Don’t be a player

You don’t have to be on all the platforms, just go where your ideal clients are. Think about the time you were trying to attract a crush in your younger days. Maybe you’d go to a park or a pool bar you knew they’d be at.

You want to do the same on social media. Not in a creepy way, but they need to see you enough so they know you’re there when they’re ready to go to the next stage.

There you have it! It makes sense really doesn’t it. 

Anita x

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