Knowing what type of content to post to keep your social media profiles consistent can be overwhelming if it’s not something that comes naturally to you.

When this happens, people tend to post overly promotional (“buy my stuff!”) kind of content or don’t post at all!

To help you with this, I’m sharing 5 different content types to keep your feed fresh and more importantly, build that know, like and trust with those ideal clients in your audience.

If you’re feeling super organised, you can think of some ideas as you go and then you’ve got a week’s worth of content right there. No excuses 🙂

Here are 5 types of content to build know, like and trust with your audience:


1) Value-based content

Think of content that will provide some kind of value to your audience. This could be by teaching them something or providing solutions to their biggest problems.


2) Motivational Content

Aim to evoke an emotion from your audience and get them fired up and motivated to take action after reading your post.

3) Entertaining Content

Entertain your audience! Have fun with different types of content (e.g. Reels/Stories/Videos) to share value in a more light hearted way. Experiment and see what works best for you and your audience.

4) Storytelling Content

Content that tells stories helps your reader get to know you, relate to you and builds trust in you and your brand. Use storytelling to demonstrate how you can help them – case studies/testimonials are a great way to use storytelling in your content as well as showing your expertise.

5) promotional content

This content should be used to directly promote and market your services, offers and products. People either do this too much or not at all. Make sure you tell people how they can buy from you often.


Use these as your themes with yor ideal clients in mind and voila, you’ll have a content bank of never ending ideas to fill your social media feed with.

If it all feels a bit too overwhelming, I would love to help. See how you can work with me here.

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